Foley's Chocolates

Why Should You Join
Foley’s Candies and Brockmann’s Chocolate?

What Sets Us Apart

Foley's is a positive, supportive and inclusive environment where all employees feel welcome, respected, valued and supported in their roles.

Our Team Is Amazing

We have an amazing group of people who not only support each other in achieving their goals, but are fun to work with and make coming to work enjoyable!

What You Will Find

A management team that cares about your well-being and professional development and provides opportunities for you to succeed in your career.

Continuous Learning

We value continuous learning and encourage our staff to take on new challenges and responsibilities. We are all about helping our employees learn and grow.

Life and Work Balance

Our supportive work culture ensures employees have a healthy balance between their jobs and lives so they can be happy and productive at work.

  • I ensure quality always comes first
  • I am easy to do business with
  • I consider the customer in discussions and actions
  • I respond to customer needs with urgency and diligence
  • I listen well to understand
  • I communicate concisely with candor and respect
  • I participate by communicating my experience, ideas and solutions
  • I understand our business and our products
  • I eagerly seek learning
  • I welcome new ideas to drive continuous improvement
  • I drive results by making difficult decisions when needed
  • I address the root cause to solve problems
  • I get the right things done!
  • I accept that my colleagues deserve my best, always!
  • I exercise excellent judgment and take smart risks
  • I elevate quality in everything I do
  • I follow through on commitments and own my results
  • I share knowledge freely to ensure organizational strength and sustainability
  • I make time to help and develop others
  • I do what’s right for the organization
  • I welcome diversity of backgrounds and cultures
  • I value different perspectives and choose the best ideas regardless of the source
  • I am committed to the well being of colleagues and the sustainability of communities

What We Offer to Employees Who Live Our Values:

  • A happy work environment with a sweet smell.
  • A competitive compensation package.
  • Full benefits 100% paid by us, except for the long-term disability premium.
  • A high-energy and positive team that supports your advancement in learning and development.
  • Fun team-building activities and events, including Summer Family BBQ event, Year-End Celebration party, Monthly Donut Day, Team Member of the Month, and many more.
  • A generous referral program.
  • Chocolates. Chocolates. Lots of Chocolates.

We Create Channels to Ensure Your Voice is Heard:

  • We have a Culture Committee with team members from all departments to organize events and share ideas.
  • We conduct a bi-annual Employee Satisfaction Survey to collect comments and more ideas from every team member.
  • We have both physical and digital Community Boxes located in every facility for our team members to voice suggestions that makes our community stronger.
  • Our managers and supervisors and the People & Culture team are always available to listen.
  • Our Monthly Newsletter addresses concerns and shares knowledge from all aspects.

People We Are Looking For:

  • You exhibit our 7 core values.
  • You have a positive can-do attitude and work well with diverse personalities and cultures.
  • You take pride in your work and ensure it is completed with thoroughness and accuracy.
  • You look for every opportunity to learn and grow with our business and our people.
  • Your honour your commitments by giving the best at work and to our community.
  • You are eager to share with us your ideas and suggestions for continuous improvement at our workplace. 

         If you are interested in joining our diverse and inclusive community, please click here for job opportunities.

What could be sweeter than a career in chocolate?

If you are interested in joining our diverse and inclusive community, please click below for current job opportunities.