Foley's Chocolates

White Melting Wafers

Foley’s chocolate wafers can enrich your dessert menu in many different ways. Because of their small round wafer shape, they melt much easier than block chocolate. Use them to make a smooth chocolate glaze or ganache or to coat your customer’s favourite snack foods like nuts, fruit and pretzels. These versatile wafers are available in dark, milk, white and pink compound and pure chocolate and can be mixed to create a variety of colours. Include them in your recipes to add a decadent chocolate flavour to your menu.

Use wafers for dipping, moulding, drizzling, ganaches, fondues!

Available In: Pure Chocolate, Compound

Case Size: 1 x 10 kg

Other: Pink

  • Gluten Free
  • Kosher
  • RAC


Pure Chocolate – Sugar, Cocoa butter, Whole milk powder, Soya lecithin, Vanilla. May contain: Tree nuts
Compound – White – Sugar, Hydrogenated palm kernel oil, Whey powder, Powdered whey protein concentrate, Whole milk powder, Soya lecithin, Titanium dioxide, Natural flavour
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Packaging Format

Corrugated Box


Stand Up Pouch


Flow Wrap